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Dear Fellow Attorney,  

How many of these statements sound like you:

"I need more clients, but don't know where/how to find them!"  

"If only there were more hours in the day to get everything done!"  

"I wish I could find the right people to take some of this workload!" 

"My competitors seem to have it all figured out!"  

"My staff is stressing me out!" 

I have one solution to ALL of those problems: PILMMA. With our proven systems for marketing and managing your law firm, we have decoded how to turn your life from frustration, overwhelm and overwork to one of super profits, high productivity and complete balance.

You'll learn the fastest, easiest and most proven shortcuts for getting your practice to your income and freedom goals. 

Don't believe me? Check out these examples: 

Before joining PILMMA, Matt Dubin from Seattle, Washington, started at one lawyer and two staff members. He worked long hours and his family life was suffering. Over 18 months later, he tripled his case load and grew to two lawyers and five staff. He's also been able to get back about 20 hours per week of his personal time.  

Jim Adler was already running a preeminent law practice before joining PILMMA; however, there were major issues converting the maximum number of cases through his intake process and attracting good vendors online. Using the strategies at PILMMA, he's created his own internet team and built his own intake team, which he says have helped him make an extra million dollars.  

Before joining PILMMA, Seth Bader in Atlanta had ongoing problems with staff productivity. Worse yet, the bulk of his business was dependent on just a few referral sources. Today, he has three times the cases using online strategies and he has attracted superstar staff members that have made his life a lot easier.  

Are you our next success story? 

-Ken Hardison

Law Practice Growth Decoded

We've already created a step-by-step plan for you.  

Our step-by-step plan, which can be yours, is a proven model of success developed by the best lawyers in the country, forged out of 30 years of helping thousands of lawyers achieve significant results.  

It is probably easier than you think, though it does require some planning and change of thinking. The good news is, all you have to do is copy and paste what we've already created for you. In turn, you create your own success by following the proven blueprint.

Our Gold trial membership will give you access to real-life materials, tools and resources already working for today's cutting-edge law firms. Joining PILMMA will save you time, money and untold headaches.  

Get to the good life faster and easier. You'll learn the step-by-step process for attracting great cases and having other superstars handle them for you so that you achieve massive success without working all the time. Plus, you'll be able to scale your practice without all the typical breaking points. You'll get predictable success systems.

Superstar Testimonials 

Increased Caseload at Least 30 Percent  

“Since becoming a member, I can say that I have increased my caseload by at least 30 percent. In fact, managing the growth has been my biggest challenge right now; but that is a good problem to have. I am getting more cases, better cases and all-time high conversion rates!”

-Larry Disparti, Disparti Law Group, Tampa, Florida

A Great Experience on Many Levels

“Thank you for having us be part of PILMMA! I’ve been practicing and managing a law firm for 25 years. I started with seven people and grew to 100 – so, I thought I knew quite a bit about managing and marketing a law firm. PILMMA revealed how much I DIDN’T know. What a great experience on so many levels and again we look forward to a long relationship.”

-Samuel Pond, Pond Lehocky Stern Giordano, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

A Skeptic - Converted!  

“I was skeptical about joining PILMMA over the years. I was even skeptical as I paid the money to join. However, after a couple of months as a Gold member, I am pleasantly impressed. The volume of materials, seminars, great ideas, etc. is phenomenal. Plus, the timing of the materials, seminars and ideas is about perfect in keeping me focused on growing my business. Thanks.”

-Mark Underwood, Underwood Law Offices, Huntington, West Virginia

Here's The VALUE Packed Inside Your PILMMA Gold membership:

  • Monthly teleseminars ($197 value): You'll get access to monthly trainings to cover the biggest challenges you're currently facing so that you can have breakthroughs easier and faster. 
  • Monthly Q&A calls ($497 value): Have an idea you're working on? Stuck on a particular issue that's holding you back. Hop on the monthly Q&A to get answers to your unique, specific questions so that you can shortcut the cost of time and money to taking your practice to the next level. 
  • Access to the Members' Toolkit: Get access to years' worth of past webinars, teleseminars, magazine issues, marketing templates, past trainings and much more!
  • Insiders' Journal subscription ($19.97 value): Each monthly magazine is designed to give you hard-hitting solutions to ongoing marketing management challenges of running a top practice.
  • Monthly Swipe and Deploy Files ($247 value): Every month, we upload an already done-for-you file of social media graphics and offline marketing templates to help you take action FAST. Each file also includes a ready-to-print newsletter to mail to your past clients so you can get more referrals.
  • Access to a Community of Likeminded Attorneys: Trying to figure out the best vendor to use? Want more than one brain on an idea you're sketching out? The PILMMA Listserv is your connection to all of the members, a group made up of attorneys that have been through each stage of success in running a law firm. 
  • Staff Intake Training ($97 value): One of the quickest ways to get more clients is by improving your intake. That's why we've partnered with the world-renowned Intake Specialists at OPUS Intake to hold a special members' only training every month for lawyers and their staff. 
  • Exclusive discounts: You'll get discounts on live events, products, tickets and more.

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