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"Our personal injury caseload has TRIPLED inside a year since we first joined" 

SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY: Unlock the Strategies & Tactics That Highly Successful Lawyers Are Implementing to GROW Their Caseload and Systematically Grow Super-Profitable Law Firms!

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Your PILMMA membership includes:

Free access to our growth management software for law firms

Finally some online help for creating and implementing your firm's operating procedures 

Meant for use by growing firms and sold elsewhere for $197 per month, your free subscription to this powerful software will help your firm finally create, organize and implement procedures for: hiring; onboarding; training; personnel management, and; employee evaluations.

Access a library of pre-built operating procedures ready for your use!

90 Day Practice Transformation w/ the Fast Start Program

Make drastic changes and see MASSIVE results in your law firm within your first 90 days of membership!  

Each of the four, 30 day modules in the Fast Start Program walks you through – step-by-step - a critical strategy that when implemented correctly, will dramatically increase your caseload and the marketing efficiency in your practice.  

Here are the modules you’ll get access to:  

  • Your First 30 Days: Creating Your USP Your Unique Selling Proposition is the linchpin of your law firm’s marketing. Without one, your ideal clients will never really know why they should hire you over your competitors. In this module, you’ll learn why you need one, then, step-by-step, go through three different ways you can create your own winning USP. ***You'll also get access to a BONUS compilation of Ken's best Time Management Resurces during your first 30 days!
  • Your Next 30 Days: Get On The First Page of Google With My Complete System to Online Reviews and Testimonials What you say about yourself is good, but what others say about you is “Gold”. Every law firm wants more 5-star online reviews and testimonials, but nobody knows how to get them systematically. In this module, you’ll learn Ken Hardison’s complete system to getting and using Social Proof to the fullest. And as a side-benefit, with all of the reviews you’ll be getting – you’ll quickly move up to Page 1 of Google. Trust us, no other law firm is implementing this system outside of the PILMMA members.
  • Your Final 30 Days: Getting More Referrals Than You’ve Ever Dreamed Of In your final 30 days of the Fast Start Program, you’re going to learn numerous systems to generating more referrals like clockwork. Referrals are your cheapest and best source of new clients. In this module, you’ll learn the psychology of getting referrals and most importantly, numerous ways to systematically get loads more of them. 

Monthly Teleseminars ($197 value)

Have you ever wanted to pick the brains of an expert in law firm marketing or law firm management? Ken Hardison, our founder, does that every month on a live telephone interview with an expert. He knows the right questions to ask and prods his guests to pull out great practice building information. 

And to clench it, PILMMA records the monthly expert interview and sends it to you in a CD to play in your car. You can also download the interview on an MP3 in PILMMA's private Members Only Toolkit. This allows you to listen to it at your leisure or while you're driving to a deposition or court. 

Monthly Q&A Calls ($497 value)

Have you ever wished you could ask a successful lawyer who had a proven track record marketing questions before you spent your firm's precious marketing dollars? Or ask an experienced and seasoned attorney how to hire, motivate and keep great lawyers and staff?

Well, Ken Hardison pulls back the curtain each month and takes any and all burning questions you might have concerning law firm marketing and law firm management. Ken is open to helping you solve the large or small problems you face as you work towards growing your law practice. 

24/7 Access to the Members' Toolkit

Have you ever thought to yourself, "I need to get more done, but I don't have time" or "I don't know how?" If so, the Member's Tool-Kit was created just for you. The Member's Tool-Kit is packed with templates, processes, and procedures to show you how to quickly implement proven marketing and management tactics used by successful law firms.  

PILMMA has archived every magazine article, video training, teleseminar, intake training recording, webinar, that we have done over the last five years! This is a tremendous amount of valuable content indexed and ready to implement! PILMMA continues to update this resource monthly, so there's always new material.

Subscription to our PILMMA's Insiders' Journal ($19.95 value)

Do you want more cases or a smoother running law office? The PILMMA Insider's Monthly Journal is chock-full of proven marketing and management solutions and cutting edge info that comes directly to you every month.

This monthly magazine is not only full of useful information to catapult your law firm to the next level, but it is a gentle nudge every month to push and encourage you to take action and move your law practice to the next level. As you know, nothing happens until you take action. Remember, you can't ride a bicycle sitting still. You have to keep peddling it (take an action) to get results. 

Monthly Swipe & Deploy Files ($247 value)

Half the battle of implementing marketing to bring in new clients is in the actual creation of new content. Every month, PILMMA members get access to Already-Done-For-You templates that can be used right away, including:

  • Monthly Newsletter: This 4 page newsletter has all of the content needed to help you generate more referrals from past and present clients when you send it out!
  • Social Media Templates: Get access to our monthly social media images tailored specifically for law firm social media marketing.
  • Offline Templates: Along with the newsletter, one of the secrets to encouraging referrals is sending Thank You and Holiday cards. Each month, you'll get access to multiple mailers you can send out to your list!

An Exclusive PILMMA Member Listserv for Immediate Help & Referrals

Have you ever gotten a call from a marketing vendor promising you they are the Holy Grail and the answer to all your problems, and you wondered if they were really as good as they claimed to be? 

Have you wanted to try a new case management software program and wondered if it was truly worth the investment?

The exclusive members-only PILMMA Listserv is an email chat room where you can get quick answers or input from other attorneys across the country on any number of questions you may have.

The Listserv can also be a sounding board if you have an idea on a new management technique or marketing plan, but are afraid you might be missing something.

It can also provide a great vehicle for earning referral fees since you can offer potential cases to other members across the country This one feature alone will more than pay for your monthly membership to PILMMA!

Staff Intake Training ($97 value)

Whether you know it or not, your law firm is likely missing out on 10% - 20% of the new clients you should be signing up each month. How can we be so sure about this? PILMMA founder, Ken Hardison, conducts consultation visits with injury and disability firms all over the United States. Before he arrives at each law firm, he arranges three to five ghost calls to the firm. He has found that in most firms 10% to 30% of the calls are boggled and the ghost caller is not signed.  

As a result of this data, PILMMA has arranged for one of the leading intake training companies in the nation, OPUS, to provide members and their receptionist with monthly intake training calls. 

If you just increase your intake conversion by 10%, your profits will soar. With this feature alone, you can stop hemorrhaging money and potentially increase revenue $50,000 to $100,000 per year

Members' Only Pricing to Live Events

It goes without saying that as a Gold Member you qualify for deep discounts to all of our PILMMA events!  

Here are just a few of our past and upcoming events: 

  • PILMMA Super Summit
  • Internet Domination Boot Camp
  • PILMMA's Practice Booster Workshop
  • Personal Injury Mastery Workshop
  • A to Z Management Blueprint
  • And much more!

Your Satisfaction is also 100% Guaranteed!

We stand behind everything we claim ... and we're ready to prove it to YOU

See it for yourself within the next 90 days. You have nothing to lose! If your PILMMA Membership does not live up to any of the claims stated here, we will refund your membership dues!

SPECIAL PRICING! Try PILMMA With A 90-Day Money Back Guarantee! 

  • Access to PILMMA's Fast Start Program Modules!
  • Access to PILMMA's Systemization Software and Library ($149 value) 
  • Monthly Q&A Calls w/ Ken Hardison ($497 value)
  • Monthly Swipe & Deploy Templates ($247 value) 
  • Monthly Expert Teleseminars ($197 value)
  • Staff Intake Training ($97 value) 
  • Monthly copy of PILMMA's Insiders' Journal ($19.95 value) 
  • 24/7 Access to our Members' Toolkit
  • Access to our Exclusive Members' Listserv
  • Members' Only Pricing to Live Events 

That's well over $1,206 worth of proven strategies, tactics and systems delivered to your door every single month for just $347!!!

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What do your competitors have to say about PILMMA?

Your Shortcut to Changing Your Law Practice And Changing Your Life!!!

A message from Attorney and PILMMA President, Ken Hardison:

Dear Fellow Attorney,  

How many of these problems are you facing on a daily basis?  

  • Needing more clients
  • Needing more hours in the day
  • Difficulty finding good people to hire
  • Fighting competition, and finding that it's getting harder to make a buck
  • Dealing with employees who bring you headaches all day long
  • Or, the many problems that come with scaling a law practice  

The good news is... you're not alone. Along with every other lawyer that has joined my private group, PILMMA, I too have been there before. 

Most of the proven systems and methods that members get access to every month are born out of the past-failures and costly mistakes other attorneys like myself have made. The benefit to you? 

You get to learn from others' mistakes...shortcutting your time and cost of achieving the level of success you desire in your firm. 

You'll learn the fastest, easiest and most proven shortcuts for getting your practice to your income and freedom goals.  

This is law firm growth decoded. The know-how to DOUBLING YOUR CASELOAD has never been closer within reach!

If you're anything like some of our other members, you'll see tremendous results - FAST - when you implement our proven systems. 

  • Before joining PILMMA, Matt Dubin from Seattle, Washington, started at one lawyer and two staff members. He worked long hours and his family life was suffering. After 18 months, he’s TRIPLED HIS CASELOAD and grew to two lawyers and five staff! He's also been able to get back about 20 hours per week of his personal time.  
  • Before joining PILMMA, Jim Adler from Dallas and Houston, TX was already running a preeminent law practice. However, there were major issues with converting the maximum number of cases through his intake process and attracting good vendors online. Using the strategies from PILMMA, he's created his own internet team and built his own intake team which he says have helped him make an extra million dollars.  
  • Before joining PILMMA, Seth Bader in Atlanta had ongoing problems with staff productivity. Worse yet, the bulk of his business was dependent on just a few referral sources. Today, he has THREE TIMES THE CASES using PILMMA's online strategies and he has attracted superstar staff members that have made his life a lot easier.  
  • Before joining PILMMA, Rob Levine from Rhode Island had a midsize practice with 17 employees. He was having issues getting to the next level and building infrastructure. Today his P.I. deptartment is up by 250%. He has also added a robust SSD and VA practice and increased staff to 100. Rob has become the preeminent lawyer in his market, in just three years!

And me? I have TWICE built and sold seven-figure practices. My most recent practice sold at the end of 2015.  

Our mission is to transform the lives of 5,000 injury and disability law firm owners from a life of frustration, overwhelm, and overwork to one of super profits, high productivity, and a balanced life.  

Are you our next success story? 

Click the button below and try us out. There is ZERO risk to you.

My goal for you is to see massive changes in your law firm within your first 90 days. And I promise you, if you implement just 20% of what you learn, you will see your caseload increase dramatically. 

Good luck over the next 90 days. If you have any questions, please contact a member of my team at Info@pilmma.org or call 1-800-497-1890.

Dedicated to your success,

Ken Hardison Attorney/President of PILMMA 

100% Risk-FREE to YOU! PILMMA Gold Membership for the low monthly price of $347 And A 90-Day Money Back Guarantee!!!